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These themes represent a selection of live research areas within artificial life, and were selected from those proposed by members of the Alife community. They are intended as topics around which papers and conversations might organise. Further details on the topic of each theme, an online bibliography, and a forum for discussing potential papers and research ideas, clarifying terms and ideas, asking questions, etc., can be accessed on the ALIFE XI wiki by clicking on the links.

Please get involved by using the forums to let us know that you are interested in particular themes, commenting on or adding items to the bibliographies, and discussing what would make a theme work well for the conference. Recent posts to discussion forums can be viewed here.

If you have a question regarding a particular theme, the relevant forum is the right place to ask it. If you have a question regarding themes in general, please email the conference organisers or discuss it here.

You are invited to consider submitting papers or abstracts to one of the listed themes. However, please note that you are free to submit a paper or abstract on any relevant artificial life topic, and need not associate your submission with any theme.