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Conference program now available!

Conference pre-proceedings now available!

Please note: This is a temporary version of the proceedings - the final version of the proceedings will be hosted by MIT Press and should go live in the next few days. A link to that site will be provided as soon as available.

Arrival and conference kick-off

The conference will kick off with a welcome barbeque on the evening of Monday 4th August and is due to close at around 3pm on Friday 8th August with a closing address and a meeting of the International Society for Artificial Life. Please make sure you arrange your travel with this in mind. See here for arrival and check-in information.

Please be in the Stripe Main Theatre at 8:45am on Tuesday morning, fifteen minutes earlier than the start time for the first plenary talk, to hear Seth Bullock’s opening address for the conference.

Conference sessions

The detailed program for the conference is available as a PDF file. (There is no need to print this out if you are attending the conference as copies will be distributed at registration.) Please note that talks are grouped in threes in 90-minute sessions. This makes 30 minutes per talk slot; presenters should keep their talk to 20 minutes to allow ten minutes for questions and discussion.

The allocation of session chairs is also available: please consult this to find out who is chairing your session or which sessions you've been asked to chair.

Sustainability Summit on Tuesday 5th August

17:30-19:00, Stripe Theatre Auditorium

A plenary session with addresses by Stuart Kauffman (University of Calgary) and Andy Stirling (Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex) addressing the potential for artificial life research to contribute to addressing the increasingly important sustainability agenda. How might we close the gap between the science of artificial life and the policy making communities responsible for managing our interactions with the environment and society?

Roke Manor robotics demonstration on Wednesday 6th August

17:30-19:00, Stripe Theatre Studios 1 and 2

There will be a robotics demo session sponsored by Roke Manor on Wednesday from 5:30pm to 7:00pm in Stripe Theatre Studio 2. Robots and videos from both Roke Manor Research Ltd. and a number of other research groups will be shown. Those involved in this session should set up their equipment from 3:30pm onwards.

Final plenary and ISAL meeting on Friday 8th August

14:30-15:30, Stripe Theatre Auditorium

The final plenary at 1:30pm on Friday will be given by George Attard, on the topic “Synthetic life: How close are we?”. This will be followed by the final event of the conference, a business meeting of the International Society for Artificial Life (2:30pm–3:30pm) where the venue for the next conference will be among the topics discussed


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