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ISAL appoints new President and Vice President

Submitted by tim on Tue, 22/12/2015 - 5:54pm

Following the recent election of new members to the ISAL board, and with the current term of the board officer posts of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer coming to an end, the board has now appointed new officers to fill these roles. The appointments were made following a internal election among board members. We are very pleased to announce that the new appointments are as follows:

  • President: Charles Ofria
  • Vice President: Susan Stepney
  • Secretary: René Doursat (re-appointed)
  • Treasurer: Josh Bongard (re-appointed)

Charles replaces the outgoing President, Mark Bedau (who decided not to stand for President this time), and Susan replaces the outgoing Vice President, Inman Harvey. Inman did not seek re-election to the board in the recent board election following the end of his previous term. Mark was re-elected in the board election, and therefore remains on the board as an ordinary board member.

The board members warmly welcome Charles and Susan to their new roles, and are excited by their plans for the future development of the society. We also extend a big thank you to René and Josh for their continuing hard work and dedication to the society. We say a fond farewell to Inman, and thank him for his contribution to the society over his term of office. And finally, we offer our heartfelt thanks, and acknowledge a massive debt of gratitude, to Mark, who has served as president of the society since its inception in 2001. Mark's continued presence on the board will ensure a smooth handover to the new team of officers.

It's an exciting time for the society, and the board members look forward to working with the community to further develop our activities under the leadership of the new team.