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Related/Affiliated Events


We are pleased to announce that the ALIFE XI program will host two mini-symposia.

ESIGNET: Evolving Cell Signalling Networks in silico

The EU-funded ESIGNET project combines evolutionary computing and simulation modelling to explore the properties of artificial and natural cell signalling networks.

SECSE: Spatial Organisation

The EPSRC-funded SECSE project spans neuroscience, artificial intelligence, geography, and complexity science, in order to understand the role of spatial organization and spatial processes in complex networks within the domains of neural, geographic and distributed IT systems.

For more details, see the associated themes.

ESIGNET and SECSE are also sponsoring a number of travel bursaries.

EpiRob'08: Eighth International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics:
Modeling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems

Note that, immediately prior to ALIFE XI, "EpiRob'08" will be hosted in Brighton, UK, 31 Jul - 2 Aug. We encourage participants to consider attending both meetings.

More details will appear here.

The EpiRob'08 call for papers is here.


If you are running an event related to ALIFE XI, and wish to be mentioned here, please get in touch.